🎓 ASSIST Medics ready to go as pitch side medics for the NRL 🏉

Though many first aid needs are common to all events and sports, some have an increased risk of specific injuries, or have a particular way to handle or report injuries.

That’s why a team of ASSIST First Aid Medics headed over to the Queensland NRL faculty near Suncorp Stadium for a training session on first aid for NRL.

The team gained valuable training on the NRLs policies and procedures including for head injuries, concussion management and spinal assessment and management. But it wasn’t just theory, the team got hands on, practicing their skills on NRL first aid scenarios.

The NRL training combines with the ASSIST Medics training in Advanced First Aid/Injury, Sports Taping and Incident Management to make the team ready and certified to operate as pitch side medics for the next NRL season.

While they were there, the team checked out all the amazing Queensland NRL memorabilia. So many memories, so many legends (we especially love the yesteryear team hats and tip truck player of the year trophy).

NRL is not the only sideline you’ll find the ASSIST Medics team on…

Our team offers First Aid/Medical services to school and sporting clubs across Queensland all year round.

ASSIST Medics provide Sports First Aid/Medical services for:

  • School and Club Rugby Union, Rugby League, AFL, Soccer, Netball
  • Other sports like Horse Riding, Cycling, Triathlon, Running, Gymnastics, Golf, Pickleball and Beach Volleyball
  • School and Club Sports Carnivals
  • Athletic Carnivals
  • We also provide first aid for community event

Our Medics are experienced, trained in Advanced First Aid/Injury, Sports Taping and Incident Management and are fully covered under a combined Medical Malpractice and Public Liability insurance policy.

If you need sports or event first aiders get in touch.
To learn more or get a quote click here.

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