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Event Medical

Are you organising or hosting a sporting or community event?

ASSIST Medics can provide you with professional event First Aid/Medical services for small, medium and major sporting and community events throughout Queensland.

Our Medics are experienced, trained in Advanced First Aid/Injury, Sports Taping and Incident Management and are fully covered under a combined Medical Malpractice and Public Liability insurance policy. To find out how we can help you, contact our office today.

Events Coverage

Are you planning a large event? ASSIST Medics can help you by providing Medics, event communications, First Aid tents, First Aid/Medical supplies, as well as on course scooters and mountain bikes when and where required.

Our role is to provide a primary point for triage by treating any injuries or illness to competitors or patrons throughout the event. We will always refer to definitive care when an injury or illness is beyond our scope of practice.

Our role is part of a greater network of response, emergency and medical services present at events. Our team liaises with event management, first aid coordinators, doctors, Royal Flying Doctors service, paramedics, physiotherapist, security services, police, ambulance, State Emergency Services, Surf Life Savers and volunteers.

ASSIST Medics provide First Aid & Medical services for sporting and community events including:

Sports Coverage

Our team offers First Aid and Medical services to school and sporting clubs across Queensland all year round.

All of our medics have extensive experience in the practice and demonstration of procedures and in depth knowledge of First Aid/Advanced First Aid, sporting injuries and sports taping. ASSIST Medics can provide First Aid and Medical services for: