No Time for the Winter Blues for the ASSIST Medics Event First Aid Team

Winter in Queensland is ideal for marshmallows around a campfire, trying new breweries for Sunday sessions and Sports and Events! So the ASSIST First Aid sport and event first aid team, ASSIST Medics were in hot demand for June & July. ASSIST First Aid event medics in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast provided first aid services at well over 200 matches, competitions and events! The team supported the incredible athletes of the Ironman Cairns; snuggled into sleeping bags to camp onsite at Beat the Retreat; helped both Gryffindor and Slytherin’s at a Quiddich Tournament; were on hand for all creatures great, slippery or cuddly at Indigiscape, and Conservation Celebration Day; cheered on the mountain goats at Pomona’s King of the Mountain and thought about digging out the lycra for the Tour De Brisbane bridge crossing. Our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Medic Team managers were so excited about the Pickleball that they have formed their own team (Go Caleb and Oli) What a huge couple of months! Here’s as small taste the places ASSIST Medics were on hand and ready to offer event medical services: ASSIST First Aid have over 15 years experience serving Queensland with first aid services for events including sports trainers for sports matches, medics, paramedics or doctors for sports and community events of every size. If you need first responders for a sporting event, first aid for a community event or to hire an event paramedic, ASSIST First Aid can help. Click here for more information about our sport and event medical services. Want to see more pics of the ASSIST Medics team in action? Check out our busy summer here.

Event Medical Services for June & July Gallery

Assist Medics Supporting the Community as the Event First Aid Services for Pomona King of the Mountain

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