Ignoring Mental Health Makes No Business Sense!

It’s a regular day in the office until… Kevin from accounts slips over in the kitchen and is hurt. You’ve done the office First Aid and CPR course so you jump into the DRSABCD. Because of your training you were able to help Kevin, minimise his injury and make sure no one else got hurt.

But what about if the problem was mental rather than physical?
Would you be able to spot it?
Do you know what to do, and the right thing to say?

Every year 1 in 5 Australians experiences a common mental illness. That means that every day, millions of Australian workers go to work while experiencing a mental health problem.

Mental illness is the leading cause of sickness, absence, and long-term work incapacity in Australia. The cost of mental health problems to Australian workforces is around $16 billion, per year.*

Mental Health First Aid can Help Improve Mental Health in Your Workplace
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the initial help offered to someone who is experiencing a mental health problem, or a mental health crisis, until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves. It’s just like physical first aid, but for mental health.

The MHFA course increases knowledge about common mental health illnesses and their symptoms, and teaches practical skills based on solid research. MHFA training leads to improved;

  • Confidence to talk to and support co-workers
  • Mental health literacy
  • Workplace culture
  • Productivity
  • Employee resilience

More and more workplaces are realising the importance of managing mental health at work and recognising the benefits of creating mentally healthy workplaces. The impact of a workplace mental health  course on your people and your workplace can be profound.

Mental Health First Aid Workplace Options
The Workplace Mental Health First Aid course has been developed to be relevant to workplaces. While the information and techniques are applicable to all adults and can be applied in all situations, the example scenarios and activities focus on supporting co-workers, team members and employees.

People who complete the MHFA training are able to become accredited Mental Health First Aiders. You can train your whole team in Mental Health First Aid or appoint Mental Health First Aiders for your workplace.

Organisations can be recognised for their commitment to Mental Health through Mental Health First Aid Australia’s Skilled Workplace program.

Training is flexible to suit your needs;

  • Undertake Mental Health First Aid training onsite. We can train groups anywhere on the Sunshine Coast including Caloundra, Maroochydore, Kawana, Noosa. We can also come to you in Gympie and the Wide Bay Burnett including Maryborough, Bundaberg and Hervey Bay.
  • sign up to a course at our Buddina training centre. The course can be undertaken Face to Face, Online or via Blended Learning (e-learning + a Face to Face session).
  • We can provide workplace Mental Health training anywhere in Australia, by arrangement, depending on your group size.

Mental Health First Aid Australia
MHFA is a research based course developed by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Australia.

MHFA Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation focused on mental health training and research. Since its inception in 2000, Mental Health First Aid has evolved into a global movement. To date, over 4 million people in 27 countries have been trained, including over 900,000 Australians.

Are You Ready to Make a Difference in Your Workplace?
Great! You can;

  • Get in touch with us to discuss about how we can help you. You can email admin@assistfirstaid.com.au or call 5444 4171
  • Learn more about the Mental Health First Aid course (click here 👆)
  • Sign yourself up for a Mental Health First Aid course. Click here 👆 to see the courses available at our Buddina training centre.
  • Email your HR or workplace health and safety manager the link to this page (and then quiz them at lunch time to see if they read it).

Help Your Workplace be a Mentally Healthy One.

* This figure is from the 2020 Federal Government Mental Health Productivity Inquiry Report. It is a combination of the estimated annual cost Australian businesses of absenteeism and presenteeism. In does not include a range of other costs like the cost of informal care provided by family and friends. If you have a week spare and would like to read all 1273 pages of the report you can find it here.

Adults from various backgrounds in a classroom session to learn Mental Health First Aid skills for a workplace

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