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First Aid Training

At ASSIST First Aid, our mission is to help everybody! For over 12 years we have been providing first aid services to sporting and community events throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Recently, ASSIST First Aid have began to work throughout Central and North Queensland. 

Our experience in the practice and demonstration of first aid procedures enables our team to easily convey these skills to the participants in our first aid courses. ASSIST First Aid have also developed Sport and Community First Aid Response Course Clubs to help clubs train their members to look after the first aid needs of the organisation.

Consultation and Planning

Our team has extensive experience consulting with sporting clubs and associations to help them with their First Aid requirements, coverage needs, sporting grants and training.

Our History

First developed in October 2005, ASSIST First Aid was primarily involved in providing services to sport and community events throughout the Sunshine Coast. Due to demand, ASSIST First Aid has become a major supplier of professional First Aid services to sporting and community events throughout Queensland. ASSIST First Aid has also extended its services to training after several years of achieving this through other providers. In 2009 the company became a registered training organisation (RTO 32022.) 
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Our Team
Tracey O'Conner Assist First Aid

Tracey O’Connor

Tracey is joint Managing and Major Events Director, and  first started the business in 2005 under the name Sunshine Coast Sports Aid and is the driving force behind the growth of the business. With a life-long passion for physical fitness, Tracey holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition as well as many emergency medical technician qualifications. She has been an active advanced care responder for sporting clubs and major sporting and community events since 2003. Tracey is dedicated to forging strong alliances with sporting clubs, schools and event organisations and assisting organisers with their duty of care requirements by providing a range of professional first aid services.

Tracey O’Connor is your first point of contact for all major, multi stage and international events.

Annie Belcher

Annie is joint Managing and Coverage Director at Assist First Aid and oversees the development, implementation and expansion of coverage solutions for the company. Annie started at Assist First Aid in 2008 as a First Aid Responder before moving into the office. Her background in business administration and development has positively enhanced the business. Annie develops growth and coverage solutions and has a solid understanding of all aspects of the business. She is a qualified First Aid Trainer and Assessor and delivers courses and training packages. Annie is instrumental in developing strategic partnerships with a focus on the customer experience. 

Annie is your first point of contact for all sport and coverage enquires.
Annie Belcher Assist First Aid
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