ASSIST First Aid Online First Aid and Online CPR Courses

We have extended our Online First Aid and Online CPR Course offering!

Whether you are keen to complete your CPR refresher online or this is your first, first aid course, learning online is convenient and easy.

Steps to studying First Aid online with ASSIST First Aid;

  1. Book your course.
  2. Work through the theory online, at your own pace, and complete the theory assessment online (in most cases a multichoice quiz).
  3. Attend a short face to face, classroom session where you will complete your practical assessment.

Due to the popularity of ASSIST First Aid online courses, as well as Online First Aid and Online CRP courses we are excited to offer LVR Online.

ASSIST First Aid currently offer five First Aid Courses with Online Learning with more to come;


ASSIST First Aid online course process walk through

If it’s your first time studying online, it can be daunting. But it is easier than you think! We’ve explained the process and what happens at each step and if you have any questions, we’re only a phone call away.

Once you book your course, and provide your details you will get the link to our online learning portal. It’s easy to use and you will have access to all of the course theory. Once your complete your course, your certificate is saved in your student portal (we also email it to you too).

To maximise your learning, ASSIST First Aid online courses have put together lessons with a combination of engaging videos, slides and supplementary reading. There’s a multichoice quiz on the learning material and a short assessment activity. The online learning is followed by a short face to face classroom session.

In the face to face session we provide practical demonstrations of techniques, answer any questions and you will complete your practical assessment. The face to face classroom sessions are held at our Buddina training centre, or for groups at your location on the Sunshine Coast, in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.

Combining online learning and a face to face practical session harnesses the best of both worlds. It saves you time but maintains our high training standards.

Who are the online first aid courses suitable for?

Still wondering if undertaking your First Aid or CRP course online is for you?

  • Have you completed First Aid or CPR courses a number of times, are a medical professional or are looking to renew your CPR or renew your first aid certificates? Online is a great option, as you can move at your own pace.
  • Are you struggling to attend a full classroom course (due to time or other commitments)? Online learning can fit in when and where it suits you. You then only need to attend a short classroom session.
  • Do you prefer learning online? Our learning portal is easy to use and we provide you with professional, easy to follow material.
  • Do you want to ensure you have the time you need to really learn the material so you will be confident when you need to use it? With online learning you can cover the material at your own pace.

Benefits of ASSIST First Aid online courses

  • Complete the course material when and where it suits you – at your own pace
  • Access to an easy to use student portal containing all the info you need
  • Great training material that is clear and engaging
  • Access to our professional trainers in a Face to Face session
  • We stand by our training – we train our own event medics
  • ASSIST First Aid have over 15 years in the First Aid Industry

What if I start the course and decide I want to change to a fully face to face course?

We believe the most important thing is that our customers are able to use their first aid training when the need arrises. So, if you start your online training and discover that you would like to switch over to a fully face to face course, for any reason, get in touch! We are happy for you to pay the course price difference and move over to a fully face to face course.

Want to know more?

If you have more questions or would like to discuss your training needs, get in touch on 5444 4171 or click here to email us.

To see all available ASSIST First Aid courses, click here or click here to see our full course calendar.

Person undertaking a First Aid course online

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